Buying a Sailboat or Powerboat

Looking for the boat of your dreams? We can help. Buying a boat doesn’t need to be a long or intimidating process. In fact–with the right help–buying a boat can be downright easy.

From searching new and used boats for sale, deciding on a brand and selecting customizations, you’ll be guided through the buying process one step at a time. From point of sale to the day of delivery, you’ll get top-notch customer service and answers you can rely on.
Think buying a boat is too expensive? Think again. There are many options for financing your yacht to make boat ownership an affordable luxury. You’ll can also learn about possible tax benefits, explore putting your boat into charter, and off-shore delivery.

Ian Van Tuyl, your award-winning yacht sales professional, has helped dozens of boaters take the plunge and buy a yacht. From sailboats to powerboats, new and used yachts, Ian’s years of experience in yacht service, boat customizations and rigging helps buyers learn about prospective yachts from the inside out. Since he started selling yachts five years ago, Ian has consistently won awards and received acclaim for his customer service and boating expertise.  But don’t take our word for it…read some of the things boat buyers are saying about working with Ian Van Tuyl.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy a Boat Now

  1. Get a bigger bang for your buck! In this recession you can get a lot more boat for your money than you may ever be able to again. History and economic trends tell us that the prices of boats are going to rise significantly once they start selling again.
  2. Go brand-new for a great price. Manufacturers are looking to unload last year’s product to make room for the new  stock.
  3. Amazing bargains on barely-used boats. This means you can get an incredible used yacht in great condition. Many sellers have poured thousands of dollars into upgrades such as air conditioner, generators and the latest in electronics.
  4. Excellent financing. Interest rates, of course, are at historic lows, allowing buyers with good credit to snap up loans at low monthly payments. Rates aren’t going to stay this low forever!
  5. Mega tax incentives! Many people don’t realize boat owners have an excellent tax advantage available to them. Boats that have a head and a galley may qualify as a second home in the eyes of Uncle Sam, possibly allowing you to deduct the interest on your boat loan. Or, if you put your boat into charter, you are allowed to deduct the purchase price up to $500,000 from your taxes.
  6. Improve your quality of life. It’s a proven fact that recreational boating goes a long ways towards improving your quality of life. The minute you start to move forward on a boat, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave your troubles behind.
  7. Get your own island in the sun!The convenience of boating makes it possible to hop on your boat for a mini-vacation whenever you feel like it. Take off on a Friday afternoon and head to Catalina and pick up a mooring for the weekend. Or just drop anchor in your local bay and take in the sun and fresh sea air with friends and family.