Catalina 545

Best Full-Size Cruiser Over 55 Feet

“I liked it as soon as I got on it. I like the looks of it. I like the cockpit layout. The designer and builder, Gerry Douglas, did an excellent job explaining how he put the boat together and the choices that he made. I was impressed by the overall layout above decks and below. We didn’t have a ton of wind when we sailed it, but it acquitted itself nicely. It seemed like a pretty straightforward rig that my wife and I could handle pretty comfortably. In other words, it wasn’t complicated.”

– Cruising World Magazine

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SAIL Magazine’s Best Boat

Best Large Monohull 51ft and Above Winner & Best Systems Winner

“In the eyes of our panel of judges, the reason the new Catalina 545 stood out as this year’s best large monohull is because of the way its collection of engineering and design features all worked together to result in a truly outstanding vessel. Beyond that, although the company is including the new flagship in its 5-Series, Catalina fans will immediately notice some eyebrow-raising differences between it and the rest of the line.”

“Put simply, the boat not only has all those same systems today’s sailors have come to expect, but they are all both admirably well laid out and provided with excellent access points for maintenance and easier servicing down the road—a design consideration that can be as important as the installations themselves.”

– SAIL Magazine

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Catalina 545 interior


  • Length Overall: 56’2″
  • Hull Length: 53’6″
  • Hull Beam: 15’6″
  • Light Displacement: 36000 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 130 gal
  • Water Capacity: 225 gal
  • Total Standard Sail Area: Total with 100% Foretriangle: 1350 ft2