My Exclusive Used Sailboat Listings

Thinking about buying a used boat? You’re in the right place! Whether you’re looking for a lightly used yacht with the latest racing and cruising innovations or a more classic-style boat, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect vessel. When it comes to used boats for sale, you’re in good hands. We specialize in matching up sailors and cruisers with the best deals in used boats all over California. Be sure to check out our specials on used boats for sale, as well as our featured listings. And of course, we offer an enhanced search mechanism, allowing you to search used boats for sale now.

There are many great benefits to buying a used boat, in addition to the obvious factor: lower price. These days, many boat owners are looking to off-load their barely-used yachts, meaning you can get an incredible boat in great condition. Sellers have poured thousands of dollars into upgrades such as air conditioner, generators, and the latest in electronics. Get started with your search today!